Prioritize Risks.
Eliminate Attacks.

Wizdome puts an end to alert fatigue and empowers immediate cyber decision-making to protect your organization


Priority through visibility –
Correlating Attackers Intentions with your Security Posture

Wizdome provides the tools to manage critical risks and take action to mitigate them


Wizdome For Your Security Team

Discover your risk at any moment

Wizdome understands your overall security posture just like an attacker would – Wizdome reaches even the darkest of cyberspace corners to uncover hackers intentions revealing your organization threat level and correlating them into your organization security posture

Priority and action

Wizdome puts an end to alert fatigue bridging the gap between attack surface mapping and threat intelligence. Know your security posture and act only on the most important stories affecting it with unprecedented visibility into hackers activity and your organization needs

Automated human readable intelligence

Wizdome brings the best in AI and cyber expertise to produce easy to read easy to understand intelligence. Empower your team with the wisdom they need to tackle even the most complex of security issues

The right tool for the right team member

Wizdome stories are automatically categorized into topics for specific team members so they can easily decide and immediately take action to remedy them. Wizdome helps your team stay on track with your organization posture and allows the team to effectively reduce your risk from any category at anytime


The Wizdome to empower decision making

Scanning and correlating connected threats

Our solution is scanning both the Clearnet and Darknet every 8 hours. Using multiple inspections such as NLP, Image recognition algorithms, we detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, unknown assets, darknet activities, conversations and more. Then automatically correlate them, connecting the dots for you

Score prioritization with complex correlated stories

Our proprietary scoring algorithm is designed especially to generate a human readable score for complex correlated security stories providing the necessary priority for security teams

Targeted remediation recommended action items

Our correlation and scoring algorithms are post-processed to provide tailor-made well-thought-out security measures and actions to mitigate the threats the story holds

Wizdome saved us from a major attack that could cause devastating damage. We compared with other products; none gave such accurate alerts.

CISO of a NASDAQ traded software vendor

We dramatically increased our visibility and improved our secops through Wizdome with direct impact on our security

CISO of a large software vendor

We approached 5 different major vendors and none of them provided such quality data.

Major Banking Client

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